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Extracurricular Activities/Enrichment


“Relationships between teachers and students are very good” Her Majesty’s Inspector, OFSTED report 2012


Our Academy offers a whole range of extracurricular activities, at the start of the day, lunchtimes and the weekend, from sport, art, drama, games, film, dance and many more. We strive to offer any achievable club/interest that the students wish to participate in.

Many departments run additional lunchtime and after-school clubs as well as study support programmes such as Easter revision.

The academy also offers a wide range of experiences with a multiple week Summer School programme.

Our students can enjoy sporting success through competitive sport, sports days and a wide ranging fixtures list in all the major sports.

All students have been issued with an “Enrichment Passport”. The Enrichment Passport will be a way of recording all of the extra-curriculum activities that students get involved in, within and around the academy and can be used to help remember what students have achieved outside of the normal lesson times. The more enrichment activities that a student participates in, the more chance they have of winning an enrichment award. Click Here to see a list of the awards that a student can win.

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Please note that new clubs are starting all the time and other clubs finish their course, therefore please check with a member of staff the details of the club when making a choice.

Activities before school, lunchtime and after school