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As part of the Art and Design Technologies Faculty we offer every student an enriching experience of the Arts and Design and Technological advancements including Graphics and Computer Aided Design and Manufacture. Our enriched curriculum enables students to reach their full potential and stretches imagination and potential.

Faculty Aims

Our aim as an Art and Design Technologies Faculty is to ensure that students:

  • Understand the Design Process and understand links between Art, Design and Technology subject areas.
  • Are able to think creatively and produce innovative and imaginative design ideas, drawing on a range of skills and materials.
  • Are able to use a variety of media and ICT to develop and manufacture final professional designs, art pieces and manufactured products.
  • Use independent research and planning as effective tools to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the different specialisms within our Faculty.
  • Are able to engage in new and emerging modern technologies to solve design problems for specific clients.