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Design & Technology


In Design and Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Students are challenged as individuals and members of a team to creatively solve problems they are presented with. Students have the opportunity to learn how to use a range of available technologies to create their design solutions, including workshop equipment and computer aided design programs to machine different aspects of their projects. All of our teachers are passionate about the subject and contribute a wide range of skills and experience. The Design and Technology curriculum develops essential skills and innovative approaches in developing the next generation of designers, chefs and engineers. We have four dedicated work spaces within the department; multipurpose workshop, graphics studio with high spec 2D and 3D software, fully equipped kitchen with 16 cookers and a textiles area dedicated for fashion designers of the future!


All students at Key Stage 3 study Design and Technology. It is through the combination of theory and practical that we aim to create independent problem solving students giving them the foundations towards options in Product Design, Food, Engineering and Textiles.

Ares of skill and focus include:

  • Investigation into woods, metals and plastics
  • Computer aided design
  • Computer aided manufacture
  • Use and maintenance of workshop equipment and machinery
  • Electronics
  • Different foods and cooking methods
  • Presenting ideas
  • Different drawing techniques
  • Textiles and embroidery

At the end of Key Stage 3 we offer a range of successful and popular courses to all students:

  • BTEC Engineering 2
  • GCSE Product Design
  • BTEC Hospitality 2
  • GCSE Textiles

GCSE Design and Technology will replace the GCSE Product Design and GCSE Textiles qualifications from September 2017.

At post 16 we offer:

  • A-Level Product Design 3D
  • BTEC Extended Certificate in Art and Design (beginning in September 2017)

This allows students from all aspects of KS4 Design and Technology subjects the ability to study this.

Extracurricular opportunities:

Our dedicated staff offer a range of further session during the week to further develop our students in a variety of areas.

Young Engineer of the Year Award – Year 10 students engage with sponsorship from local employers to produce a product outcome to satisfy a client based problem.

Woodwork Club – KS3 traditional hand skills to manufacture small scale projects.

Textiles Club – All students have the opportunity to develop their textile skills in extracurricular sessions offering different skills in this sector.


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