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The English Curriculum


Our vision:

‘We will develop our students into empathetic, resilient and hardworking learners who will have the world opened up to them through the study of English. Through the drive of a collaborative and supportive team of teachers and an ambitious, challenging, skill-driven curriculum, our students will become confident readers, writers and speakers. They will achieve outstanding outcomes; they will compete with anyone, anywhere.’

‘Creating inquisitive readers, writers and speakers’

Other things which make our curriculum great:

What our students say:

‘I like reading as you have fun creating images in your mind and predicting what will happen next. I also like discovering the history of a book and finding out so many things I didn’t know.’ Scarlett, Year 7

I enjoy English as it improves my grammar and reading skills. I really like reading books as a class such as Noughts and Crosses and improving my understanding of what the author is trying to tell me.’ Bindi, Year 7

‘I like English because it helps me to improve my speaking skills and my spelling, grammar and punctuation.’ Joshua, Year 7

‘English improves my vocabulary.’ Kane, Year 7

‘I enjoy reading as it broadens my vocabulary. I also enjoy group work because I am able to discuss my ideas and be creative with the people I am working with.’ Ellie-Mae, Year 8

‘English opens up careers all over the world. I enjoy English because there are so many new words you can learn and stories you can read.’ Ahmed, Year 8

‘English is really fun and interesting. I am encouraged to read books I would never think of reading but then really enjoy such as 1984 by George Orwell. We learn lots of skills like spelling, using sophisticated vocabulary and much more.’ Francesca, Year 8

I enjoy English as it teaches me the parts of the story I would have previously overlooked. I also like learning reading novels and plays as a class and analysing the characters and their personalities.’ Olivia, Year 9

I really like the books we study, the teacher’s enthusiasm for the lesson and how quickly the lessons go.’ Jazmin, Year 9

‘I really like English because it allows me to have a greater knowledge of plays and poetry which could also relate to drama and musical theatre. This includes how writers form these well-known characters through language and techniques. I always learn something new in English and it never gets old.’ Keira, Year 10

‘The thing I like most about English is that not only do we learn analysis skills, I’ve also found English has helped develop my understanding of the society we live in and how it has developed over different eras and the need in the past for social reform. In addition to this, the poems we study are incredibly diverse and explore both British and foreign cultures. The structure of lessons is always cyclical starting with recaps of previous learning and ends with a recap of new learning to ensure we take away something new from each lesson!’ Shanika, Year 10

‘In English, the texts we study are enjoyable and certainly fun to pick apart and analyse the hidden messages. The ‘Quote offs’ are also very fun and help you to retrieve and remember key quotes and information. English is made enjoyable through the texts we study and the fun activities when analysing them.’ Jack, Year 10

‘Whatever we are learning is made enjoyable. English strengthens my vocabulary, develops my creative writing skills and greatly improves my language analysis skills.’ Louis, Year 11

‘Lessons are always designed to challenge us.’ Lily, Year 11

‘English is my favourite subject. My favourite text is An Inspector Calls. The lessons made it easy for me analyse quotes and make my analysis of a high level. I also learnt how to answer a question effectively and not just have the same ideas as everyone else. I will miss English. Demi-Leigh, Year 11.

‘I enjoy English because it allows me to look further into the meaning of texts and how the writers wish to portray their views. As well as this, English allows us all to discuss our opinions on how different books made us feel about society. A book I believe shows this is An Inspector Calls.’ Liza, Year 11.