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We believe that the subject of English plays a vital role in a student’s development. It provides learners of all abilities with the chance to gain communication, literacy and critical thinking skills that will benefit them greatly in later life. Consequently, we are committed to ensuring that English lessons are inspiring, dynamic and accurately tailored to our students’ strengths and needs.


At KS3, students experience a wide range of literary and non-literary texts, which not only provide them with engaging material but also ensure a purposeful transition into the demands of KS4.  Texts include student favourites such as Robert Swindell’s Stone Cold and Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers.

At KS4, students complete GCSE examinations in both English Language and English Literature. They study thought provoking and challenging literary concepts across a variety of texts such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. In regards to English Language, students have to demonstrate their ability to skilfully adapt their writing to audience and purpose, in constructing descriptive and persuasive responses; they are also expected to respond analytically to both 21st century and 19th century non-fiction accounts around similar themes.