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Resilient and logical thinkers

‘The only universal language’


Why do we teach maths?

  • To prepare students for the maths that they will experience in life
  • Build resilience through the navigation of difficult topics and concepts
  • To develop a logical system of thinking that can be applied to complex problems in different fields
  • Numerate individuals who are able to make sense of mathematical information


What is magical about maths?

Maths has the ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas.

‘Mathematics is a beautiful, imaginative, logical art’ Ben Orlin


A mathematician at OSSMA aspires to: (NC)

  • Rapidly and accurately recall and apply facts and concepts
  • Reason mathematically; following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and justifying answers using mathematical language
  • Behave mathematically; tackling complex problems using a range of strategies and persevering in seeking solutions
  • Have high standards of disciplinary knowledge, drawing diagrams and presenting work accurately