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Music at OSSMA


Here at OSSMA we strive to for our young people to make progress physically, mentally and socially through the engagement of listening to, performing and composing music across a range of genres and styles to develop creativity, a love of music and talent as musicians:

  • To engage and inspire a love of music
  • To develop confidence
  • To develop creativity
  • To give opportunities for all pupils of all backgrounds to perform a range of music on different instruments.


The Music industry is massive and hundreds of jobs throughout the process of performing to the mastering process that is needed. Without pupils learning music there would be no music in the world.


Music also is a key component in honing important life skills, it:

Enables pupils to express feelings and emotions

Enables creativity for all pupils regardless of academic ability

Gives pupils skills for life: teamwork, independence, the resilience needed to hone a skill over time.


What does a Music student look like at OSSMA?


A confident performer that uses a range of instruments

A composer of music using different notations (Written and technology)

A keen listener who is able to describe music

A performer that can use fluency and accuracy in rhythms and pitch

A student with the skills to play, perform and create music independently and in groups


Programme of Study

Year 7

  • Melodic Notation
  • Ukulele ninjas


Year 8

  • The Blues
  • World Music


Year 9

  • Musical futures featuring Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  • Garage band film music.


Key Stage 4:


Students in year 10 will study the following topics:

  • The Music Industry
  • Managing a Music Product
  • Introducing Music Performance
  • Introducing Music Sequencing.


Instrumental lessons at OSSMA:

All pupils at Ossma are given the opportunity to learn an instrument through our music provider ‘Oliver Docksey Music’.

Pupils can learn to play a variety of instruments such as piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, singing, string, woodwind and Brass instruments, which are delivered during the school day by our peripatetic teachers from O.D.M. Lessons are weekly and can be individual, or small group lessons for 15, 20 or even 30 minutes, prices vary depending on timings of lessons.