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Food Pre-Orders

Food Ordering for Pupil Lunches

We have now added the option for parents to select ‘Packed Lunch Every Week’. This means you can be placed on a list that says your child will have a packed lunch every day. Parents on this list will not receive the weekly reminders nor will they be required to complete the pre-order each week. Once on this list, we ask that you email [email protected] if you wish to be removed or alternatively call 01782 882200 who can pass the message on. Please allow one weeks notice for this change to take effect.


Due to the ongoing restrictions imposed by Covid-19, we require parents and guardians to pre-order lunchtime food at OSSMA for Year 7-10 using the links below. Food will be required to be ordered every week (every other week for Year 7 due to Family Lunch) for the upcoming week.

Food will be paid for exclusively using Parent Pay with no option to add funds in school using cash. Uploading funds using the cash machines is no longer possible under the academy’s Covid policy.

Please click the year option below for your child. If you have more than one child at OSSMA in multiple year groups then a separate food order will be required for each child.

Food is required to be ordered by the Wednesday of the previous week in order to ensure availability for your child’s selections.

No food is available to order or purchase during break times. Students will be required to bring any food or drink from home to be consumed at this time.

Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home to be eaten during break and lunchtime. We request that parents and guardians still complete the lunch pre-order by selecting the packed lunch option on the online form.

Year 7

Students in year 7 will be split into two halves as they alternate between ‘family lunch’ in the Bistro for one week and pre-ordered kiosk-based meals for the next week. For the weeks of ‘family lunch’, there is no requirement for parents/guardians to pre-order.

For week 6, only students from the following forms are required to pre-order their lunch: 7-JH, 7-WN, 7-WS and 7-WW. Students from the remaining form groups will be required to pre-order next week.

Link for Year 7

Year 8

Students in year 8 will always eat from the specially erected kiosks with food prepared based on their weekly pre-order via the OSSMA website.

Link for Year 8

Year 9

Students in year 9 will always collect their lunch from the specially erected kiosks with food prepared based on their weekly pre-order via the OSSMA website.

Link for Year 9

Year 10

Students in year 10 will always eat from the specially erected kiosks with food prepared based on their weekly pre-order via the OSSMA website.

Link for Year 10

Year 11

Students in year 11 will be able to use the Bistro facility to order and purchase food with no need to pre-order.

Frequently asked questions:

What if my child is absent from school and does not require the food I have ordered?

We have a system in place to make the bistro staff aware when students are absent so that food is not prepared and your account is not charged.

What if my child changes their mind based on the food pre-order?

Unfortunately, all food is made to order so we are unable to make changes on the day.

What if my child has a packed lunch from home?

It is absolutely fine for students to bring their own lunch as they have previously.

Can I order food for my child for breakfast or break times?

A free breakfast consisting of a toasted bagel is available for all students upon entry to the academy in the morning. There is no need to pre-order this. There will be no food available for students to order or purchase during break times.

What if a student does not have enough funds to purchase food ordered?

Students will never go hungry in the academy. If there are not enough funds to complete a lunch order, a small overdraft facility will ensure the food is purchased with parents/guardians being notified in order to reconcile the account.

What if I make a mistake when ordering food online?

Orders are not able to be edited after submission so we ask that those completing the pre-order carefully check the details before submission.

How will the system work if my child receives Free School Meals?

Funds will be automatically added to a student’s account on a daily basis. As previously, unused funds will not be passed over to the next day.

If you believe you may be entitled to receive Free School Meals you can apply by following this link.

The academy would be more than happy to help to complete the form or to complete it on your behalf if required.

How do Year 7 & 11 students pay for food that is purchased in the Bistro?

Money will be uploaded using Parent Pay for all students with students selecting their food in the bistro in the normal way. Payment will be made using the academy’s existing fingerprint system. The bistro staff will sanitise this after each use.

How will the food be kept warm or refrigerated within the kiosks?

The academy has invested in heating and refrigeration modules within our newly erected kiosks to ensure the same standard of food safety and hygiene are maintained from all food collection points.

Can I have a mixture of food and packed lunch on different days of the week?

This is not a problem. There is an option on the pre-order form to select a mixture on different days.

Our menus are available to view here.