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Health Hub

What is the OSSMA Health Hub?  

The aim of the Health hub is to increase student attendance by promoting mental wellbeing opportunities.

Anyone could be suffering from mental health even if they’re the happiest people.

Mental health can affect anyone, it affects everyone differently, mental health either affects people directly or indirectly. 

According to a recent survey from the House of Commons (April 2018), it identifies that 1 in 6 people suffer from mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression

Why is the OSSMA Health Hub important?

Health Hub is an integral part of our academy life. Managing expectations and emotions in a positive way will contribute to the student’s holistic development and an overall state of wellbeing.

The health hub provides everybody, students, staff and parents, the opportunity to speak and manage emotions in a safe place. It also provides everybody with the opportunity to develop effective strategies to manage their emotions to ensure that a positive state of wellbeing is achieved.


What do our students think?

 “In my opinion, the project is all positive as it helps to give us something to come into school for.”

“ The project has given me a greater purpose at school.”

“ I really enjoy the project as it enables us to become more aware of mental health and educates us how to support those with mental health problems.”

How does the Health Hub benefit our students?

The students have created a garden terrace and a sensory wellbeing room. The new areas provide students with vibrant safe learning spaces to accommodate their needs.

The Health Hub is a place which offers students a sense of belonging and self-worth within the academy

Students learn about the importance of staying mentally and physically healthy as well as creating opportunities within the academy to raise awareness of mental and physical wellbeing.

Students will work closely with the community to promote the health hub further as well as supporting the community.

Garden terrace updates

  • Growing crops.

Students have sowed the seeds for the crop year and have continually nurtured these with water and care to ensure that produce is grown.

The garden terrace has a range of plants such as carrots, mint, parsley, sunflower, poppies and lavender, in which the students will have to look after and water them.

Students chose plants such as lavender because lavender is sustainable as once it is grown the lavender can be used in the sensory room, as it has a calming effective scent.


  • PSHE learning Space

Students have designed a learning space for the garden to incorporate practical lessons to take place in PSHE. The designs have been voted on and the students are just putting together the final designs.


  • Food therapy

Food therapy sessions will be available for students (identified by HOY) to learn how to cook healthy meals using the produce grown from the garden.


Sensory Wellbeing room

  • Designs

Students have designed plans for a sensory room to be in the dance studio. Students have researched the costs of equipment and have taken a vote on its design. The Sensory Wellbeing Room has been specially designed to provide a sensory experience to people, young and old, with a wide variety of different abilities.

  • Furnishing

Students have ordered the sensory room equipment.

Students have also created a mural which has been painted by Mrs Pope and some of the students.


  • SEN involvement

The SEND team will be using this facility in their SEMH programme sessions.


  • Academy Mental Wellbeing Status (Wellbeing at school award)  

As an academy, we have acknowledged the importance of mental wellbeing for our community. Therefore, Mrs Hackney has teamed up with a company called AwardPlace and has the aspirations of achieving a mental wellbeing accreditation for the academy. This award will involve the students, staff and parents making it such an exciting project. Regular updates will be included within this.