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Chester Zoo Y10 Science Trip

Posted on: May 24, 2016

Yesterday Steph Foster and I had the pleasure of taking 15 year 10 girls to an Applied Science day at Chester Zoo.

They were the noisiest and most excited group I’ve taken out on a trip.  And they NEVER stopped eating the whole day.  They made me laugh all day reminding me what a pleasure teaching is.  Their amazement at the animals and zoo facts enhanced my and their day further.

They discovered the range of jobs needed in science to keep the zoo working.  They discussed the rhino horn (did you know it’s made from keratin the same protein your hair and nails are made from – so a rhino horn is just a giant toe nail.) They asked lots of questions and answered with confidence those asked to them.

Following the education workshop we had the opportunity to tour the zoo – the girls loved every minute.  We saw the lions, monkeys, rhinos and visited the new islands section where we did the boat tour.  We saw the baby orangutan – sooo cute!

Finally after much demanding we did the monorail and dropped in to see the meerkat and their babies.

The girls were amazing around the zoo.  They were mature and represented the academy well.