Academy Update on GCSE Grading – 03/04/2020

Posted on: April 3, 2020

You may be aware that Government and Ofqual (exam regulator) have released further details regarding how GCSE grades are going to be awarded. I have attached a link to the letter from Ofqual to all students here, and more detailed advice to parents and teachers here.

In summary, the guidance requires the academy to provide two pieces of information:

• the grade the academy believes the student was most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned 

• within each subject, the order of students at the academy, by performance, for each grade. For example, if 30 Grade 5s were given in English, we would be required to rank order those 30 students from the most secure Grade 5 to the least secure Grade 5.

The grades awarded by the academy will be based upon a range of information that we have about student performance. The grades that staff enter for each student will then be subject to moderation by the exam boards and may change. 

Subsequently, I have told staff that they must not, under any circumstances, tell any student what grade has been entered for them. I have also instructed staff that they must not engage in any further conversations or communication with students or parents regarding the grade they will enter. This is to ensure that staff are not placed under any undue influence. I would ask that parents and students please respect this. 

GCSE grades will be released to students and schools at some point in late July or August and the academy will have a proper results day as we have had in previous years.

The guidance also makes clear that students are not required to complete any additional work from this point forward in relation to their GCSE. We are aware of the subjects that most of Year 11 are opting to do in September and we have been in touch with colleges to get reading lists, activities and work that Year 11 can complete now to set them up for success. Once we have that information, where we can, we will try to teach the students in those areas. Many of our staff have taught at A-Level or possibly in colleges so we will be able to offer some support. More details of this will follow.

These are unprecedented times and I am sure you have a lot of questions. Please read through the guidance that Ofqual have provided but if you have any questions please address them through our website, on Facebook or via email. I will try to answer those questions in a further post.

Nick Brennan

Head of School