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Kirkland Rowell Survey

Posted on: January 28, 2016

Dear Parents, Carers,

It seems like a long time ago now but we hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and have a prosperous New Year

Our academy has again taken part in an independent survey to monitor the views of all parties’ concerned (parents, staff and students) enabling us to continue to improve in all areas and strive for excellence.

We now have the findings and are pleased that you have rated your ‘Overall Level of Satisfaction’ as excellent again. In addition you rated the Quality of School Management as ‘Outstanding’ again. You can browse all the results (Parents, Students and Staff) by clicking on the ‘here’ word at the bottom of the page.

We will continue to work to improve on the areas you identified as requiring attention, namely communication (although you graded it as ‘Good’). We have already: –

  1. Continued to promote our specific OSSMA App on appropriate documents which can be downloaded onto all smart phone and tablet devices.
  2. Increased the use of social media
  3. Committed to continuing Kirkland Rowell surveys for the next academic year.

Please inform us should your contact details change at any time to ensure we can continue to keep our communication promises.

All three surveys (Parent, Staff and Student) reveal that the academy has reason to be happy with most of its activities.

Please note for your guidance, judgment scores at the bottom of our survey results pages are: –

Outstanding (1)

Good (2)

Requiring Improvement (3)

Inadequate (4)


Thank You

Steve Bradley

Director of Extended Services

Click here to view the Academy survey results.

Click here to view the Sixth Form survey results.

Click here to view our list of communication methods.