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Moorcroft Trip

Posted on: February 28, 2013

Angelika Wimalasooriya got presented the cup she designed for the Queen cup today at the Moorcroft factory.

The trip was a huge success and the pupils were a credit to the academy.

Moorcroft have never had a school trip before at their factory and dont normally allow children into the working areas.

They commented on their excellent behaviour and how confident they were with their speaking and asking questions. They even told Miss Rennison they could consider school trips from the experience from our pupils!!!

We had a great time and the pupils really enjoyed seeing Angelika’s cup being made and painted. Her cup looks amazing: there have only been 3 cups made.

One is with the Queen, one is at the Ceramic Potters Club and the last one Angelika got presented to today.

Her cup is signed by the designer and painter.

The Art department are very proud!