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Ready to Learn

Posted on: July 15, 2017

We believe that OSSMA students deserve a world class education and that every student has the right to learn and our teachers must have the right to teach. In order to achieve this, an excellent “attitude to learning” is required by all students. From September 2017, we are introducing a “Ready to Learn” programme. This programme will ensure that every child will develop the excellent “attitude to learning” that will equip them for the more rigorous GCSE examinations, whilst developing their “love of learning”, enabling them to become “expert learners”.

In order to maximise every minute in the classroom and ensure students stay focused during lesson time, we will have a stronger approach to behaviour management. This will help to develop a “deeper learning” for our students in each subject and to deliver the “world class education” that OSSMA is committed to providing to your children.

To download out Ready to Learn leaflet click here