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Student Voice – Our Trip to Howarth

Posted on: October 4, 2017

Our students recently visited Howarth, the home of the Brontё family. Here is their story…


“On the 11th of July 2017, we visited Howarth, the village where the famous Brontё sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Anne, grew up, and where all but Anne died. The Brontё sisters didn’t sit by and give up in an era where they were told that, “poetry was a man’s business”. They continued to write bestselling novels; Jane Eyre for Charlotte, Wuthering Heights for Emily and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall for Anne, even though they were under male pseudonyms: Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell respectively (notice how the pseudonym initials match the sisters initials!). Eventually, however, the pseudonyms were removed, and it was revealed that it was in fact women who wrote the books!

On our journey through the Yorkshire fields, Mrs Jones gave us the backstory of both the village and the moors surrounding it. We learnt the names of Yorkshire’s most industrious towns back when York was famous for its cotton, the names of the many Brontё children and we were even told the tale of the Saddleworth Moor murders!

When the bus finally reached Howarth, we were all eager to explore the Brontё museum and scribble down all the information so we could try and win in the quiz later on. The house was beautiful, full of both genuine and replica antiques. It was finely decorated and you could vividly imagine the sisters sitting together writing in the specially designated room; depict Branwell Brontё in breakdown, surrounded by alcohol bottles, late at night in his dark room. When we reached the final room, full of artefacts and notebooks, with walls covered in quotes from the famous novels, many of us were going around memorising them, or dressing up in vintage clothing. A few of us bought items like quills or notebooks from the shop. We then we visited the church.

The Brontё’s vault was contained in the church. Anne however, was the only sister missing, she had sought treatment for TB in Scarborough and died there, and was thus buried there.

After the church, we got to explore the delightful vintage village of Haworth. We all loved exploring the shops, particularly the sweet shop, the Cabinet Curiosities and the small cafes, where a few of us had one of the delicious cakes available. Another favourite was the chip shop, even though eating chips and trying to walk in a straight line on slippery cobbles are two things very hard to complete simultaneously! The buildings in Howarth were beautiful, oozing picturesque village splendour, cobbled stones, covered in moss and ivy with the Yorkshire fields in the distance…

Our final stop was Bradford’s science and media museum, where we all enjoyed the gaming room and especially the mirror maze. The wonderlab was full of cool exhibits; photographing drops of water, kaleidoscopes’ echoing sound, and lots more. There was also an area full of things from our past and present favourite shows and films such as, Doctor Who, Rainbow, Wallace and Gromit and The Teletubbies….

Overall, this was a really interesting trip, and we would love to visit both Haworth and the Museum again!”

Emily Deaville and Chloe Riley 


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