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Student Voice – University Superheroes!

Posted on: October 20, 2016

Earlier this week, our sixth form students visited Staffordshire University, to continue their enrichment experiences of uni life. Student, Courtney Bridgwood, wrote an article about the experience…

“As a part of our enrichment experiences at OSSMA Sixth Form, we visited Staffordshire University to get an insight on life as a student. We took part in a range of activities and thought provoking talks that would help us to prepare for university life in the near future. 

The first part of our day included a “student life” talk from a student ambassador at Staffordshire University, who explained the importance of things such as managing money, meeting assignment deadlines and getting a part-time job. This was very informative as we got to know what university was like from a students’ point of view and gave us awareness of what to expect in a couple of years time. 

We then went on to a team building activity, which was very adventurous and challenging. Our task was to create our own superhero with items such as bin bags, newspaper and string, but also, to invent a backstory to our characters. We had many exotic individuals, such as, “The Star”, “Electra” and even “Kizziecorn”. This helped build our communication skills and the ability to work as a team, which is always helpful at every stage in your life. 

We then proceeded to have a tour of the campus, which allowed us to see some of the buildings and what they had to offer, such as: Science, Mathematics, Psychology and Art and Design. This was useful as I am currently studying Art at A-level as well as English and Sociology, so it was interesting to see what this university had to offer me, and the courses they provided. 

After lunch, we had a talk on employability and how employers would choose a person for the job, depending on such things as, their social media accounts, communication, punctuality and reliability. At the end of the day we were asked to write down any questions that we had and the student ambassadors answered them giving us feedback on our inquiries. 

Overall, the students at OSSMA sixth form thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought it was beneficial to their knowledge of universities”.

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