Talking to your children about knife crime

Posted on: November 13, 2020

Message from Staffordshire Police – Talking to your children about knife crime

FAO: Parent/Carer

You will have recently received a letter about Staffordshire Police’s Ditch the Blade Campaign which encourages young people not to carry knives and to instead choose a different path for their lives, one without the risk of prison, serious injury or death.

The fact is, carrying a weapon increases the chances of becoming a victim of knife crime – we need young people to know that the majority don’t carry. But we know media reports and things they see on social media increase young people’s fear, which leads them to think they are better protected by carrying.

A series of podcasts have been produced which aim to help parents and carers understand how they can talk to children about knife crime. The first one is now available and features Alison Cope who lost her son Joshua to knife crime in 2013. She has shared her experience and explains how she uses this to educate young people on the dangers of carrying a knife.

Please listen to this podcast and have a conversation with your child about this important subject. We know that the overwhelming majority of young people will never be affected by knife crime but having a discussion with your child will help us collectively make a difference.

To listen to the podcast visit: