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Summative assessments

The academy runs formal assessment weeks at four points across the academic year. Students will sit assessments in each of their subjects in exam conditions in order to prepare them for the rigour of the GCSE examinations. Once sat, assessments will be marked, feedback will be given and pupils will have the opportunity to make improvements based on further teaching.

As part of this process it is essential that students immerse themselves in a culture of revision. Knowledge organisers should be used nightly by all pupils to reinforce learning that has taken place in the classroom, and revisit prior learning in the lead up to future assessments. To ensure that prior learning is always revisited each assessment will be cumulative, so pupils will always be tested on what they have been taught in the year so far, not just in the last few weeks.

The four calendared assessments weeks are:

Assessment week 1: 22nd October – 25th October 2018

Assessment week 2: 14th January – 18th January 2019

Assessment week 3: 25th March – 29th March 2019

Assessment week 4: 24th June – 28th June 2019

Following each assessment window parents/carers will be provided with details of how pupils are performing in each of their subjects.


In addition to an overview of performance by subject, students will receive a comprehensive written report by each of teachers as well as a face-to-face consultation with parents once a year.  Details of this process are listed below:

Written reports

Year 7: w/b 22nd July 2019

Year 8: w/b 22nd July 2019

Year 9: w/b 26th November 2018

Year 10: w/b 20th May 2019

Year 11: w/b 25th March 2019

Parents’ Evenings

Year 7: 5th December 2018 (Showcase Evening 4th July 2018)

Year 8: 23rd January 2019

Year 9: 3rd April 2019

Year 10: 10th October 2018

Year 11: 12th December 2018