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Homework at OSSMA is set consistently with the aim of complimenting what is taught in lessons. Through directed learning tasks that are proven to promote knowledge retention and boost the progress of students over time, we aim to make homework more relevant to the key knowledge our students need to master their subjects, whilst making progress independently beyond the classroom.

Research carried out by the EEF (Education Endowment Fund) and educational researchers like John Hattie show that where homework is specifically linked to the learning that takes place in the classroom and then studied at home, an additional 5 months progress per student can be made.

As an academy, we introduce our students to techniques that help make this key knowledge stick, through use of self-quizzing and then fortnightly short ‘Factual Recall Tests’ within lessons, we build the level of knowledge stored in the brain that can then be used in any scenario. Based on how students perform in these Factual Recall Tests helps teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness before then introducing the next topic of their subject’s curriculum.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

To access AR from outside of the school please click on the following link:

Accelerated Reader Login

We now have a new LRC Click & Collect service. Click on the below link to browse our collection of books.

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The Myon link below will give free access to online books until March 31st.

Go to and click login
Enter the Academy name (Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy) and it will autofill.
Enter your username and password.
When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to complete an interest inventory so that Myon can recommend books based on your interests.
Go to the Library>Recommended to find your first book
Select a book and click Read!

Homework and knowledge organisers

  • Homework at OSSMA is set consistently with the aim of complimenting what is taught in lessons, promoting knowledge retention and boosting the progress of students over time.
  • Homework is checked every morning by the form tutor and a pupil monitor.
  • Reading is a vital part of homework as we follow the AR programme.  The new GCSEs are becoming increasingly more difficult. Reading will help!
  • Homework will use either: Knowledge Organisers for that block, Internet resources such as GCSEPod, Seneca and Heggarty maths or a specific resource chosen by your teacher.
  • Even homework completed online should have written notes in the homework book to be checked.

KS3 Pupils (Year 7-9): You must complete your homework each night in your homework book and record your reading your planner each night.

Key Stage 4 (year 10 & 11)
  • You are expected to complete 20 minutes of homework for 2 subjects each weeknight.
  • The subjects will depend on the options you have chosen but each subject should be studied at least once a week.
  • Sometimes homework for a particular subject will take longer than 20 minutes, notes should be recorded in HW books and then shown to form tutors during monitoring in the morning.

Homework: A Parent’s Guide:

Homework A Parent's Guide_000001





Please note that due to our new Homework procedure, we are no longer using SAM Learning or Show my Homework.


Click on the image below to access the Knowledge Organiser database:

Knowledge Organiser