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A large proportion of the homework given to our students is now set using SAM Learning, which is a web based homework service. All students are able to access assignments via their personal homepage and view homework tasks in the ‘My Homework’ tab. This tab shows when the homework is due to be completed, if it is has not been completed and also if it is overdue. All completed homework is either computer or self marked, depending on the type of work set. The software has the facility to give instant feedback and scores can be viewed by students, parents or teachers in the ‘My Progress’ tab for the Last Homework Set (LHS). All staff receive a report on the homework that is completed by each student. Students are also able to re-visit homework activities if they wish to improve on their last score. Students’ scores are kept on a leader board and rewards will be given to students whose scores are high, or have recently improved.

Access details

Students are able to access the service anytime and anywhere, whether students are at school, at home, or in the library and on tablets (I Pads etc) and mobile devices. All they need to do is visit the website and enter their unique login details. Website address:

Centre ID:

  • ST3OS

User ID:

  • Date of birth followed by two initials: first name then last name. Example: 010800DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 2000.


  • Initially same as the User ID, Learners are encouraged to change this to something difficult to guess.

It is advised that students keep a record of the access details in their homework book or planner. Students can also use the SAM Learning facility in their own time to revise for a subject, complete activities they were unsure about, or just to complete their homework. It has content for many subjects both at Key Stage 3 and 4 and is supported by all the major examination boards. If you do not have access to a PC or device which allows you to connect to the internet, your son/daughter will have access to an academy PC at break times, lunchtimes and after school to complete their homework.