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Parent Group

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Our recently formed, Parent Group, is made up of parents/grandparents/neighbours and friends of the academy who help to support activities both internally and externally.

Our activities are many and varied across an academic year and we know that you, the community, have a wide range of skills that we can tap into for the benefit of our students.

Our aims are:-

  1. To continue that parent/student/school relationship which you probably enjoyed during their years at primary school.
  2. To add to existing communication channels between parents and the academy.
  3. To help shape future community activities for the benefit of all.
  4. To help create bidding opportunities for additional funding where appropriate.
  5. The potential for a whole range of roles within the group, is there for willing participants e.g. administrative, financial, fund raising or general help, as and when you can.

There is no expectation of set time you must give or expected skill levels and we are appreciative of all contributions, no matter how big or small. If you have any spare time at all and are interested to help in some way, then please contact Wayne Trevor on 01782 882200.