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Every year the academy supports the Royal British Legion by selling poppies in the lead up to Remembrance Day.  Despite the current Covid restrictions, we would like to continue doing this again this year.

Rather than pupils from different year groups selling poppies to all students, sales will be limited to pupils within their own year hubs. Pupils will not move around the academy for poppies.  Instead they will be taken to them by a member of their own year. Below are some photos showing the range of products the Royal British Legion have asked us to sell on their behalf.  Please notice the suggested donation amounts.  If any student wishes to purchase any of these items please send them into the academy with their donation amount in cash ready to be placed directly into the Royal British Legion donation box.

Poppies can be purchased by students at the following times:

Year 7 – Form 1 (8.30-9.00)

Year 8 – Form 2 (2.50-3.20)

Year 9 – Form 1 (9.50-10.10)

Year 10 – Form 2 (1.30-.200)

Year 11 – Lunch