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Attending the Sixth Form

When should you be here?


You must attend all timetabled lessons, enrichment, supervised study sessions

We recommend that you use any free study periods to get as much work done in the study room, hubs or classrooms as possible

If you have a lesson period 1, you must be in registration in G30

Everyone must attend assembly on a Friday at 8.45am in G30 (even if you don’t have a lesson)

If you come into school in the morning, you are expected to stay until lunchtime (you are free to stay and study the whole day if you wish)

If you come into school in the afternoon, you are expected to stay until the end of the day.




You must inform the school if you are ill or are aware you will be off due to medical reasons – 01782 882200

Your absence may be marked as unauthorised if the school is not informed formally.

Attendance for 6th form students is expected to be at 95% or above.

Time off for holidays, part time work, driving lessons or any other non-medical reason is not authorised.

If you wish to attend a University Open day or other progression event you must inform Mrs Wilcox in the 6th Form Office in the first instance.


Support and Guidance


There are a number of avenues of support available to support you:

–       Contact Mrs. Wilcox or Miss Sutton in the first instance.

–       Referrals to outside agencies for health, welfare, social services, financial support.



Each student in Sixth Form is allocated a personal tutor. This tutor will be your main contact for all Sixth Form related issues. The following guidelines must be followed:


You must meet regularly with your tutor. These meetings will be arranged on an individual basis. This will be an opportunity for:

  • Self review
  • Discussing any problems – academic or personal
  • Setting targets
  • Planning and organisation
  • Recognising your achievement
  • Increasing academic and general confidence
  • Reaching your potential
  • Giving advice on study skills, methods of working and approaches to Sixth Form life generally
  • Helping you plan for the future
  • Advising and monitoring your work experience
  • Writing your UCAS and other references
  • Being your PSHE teacher
  • Arranging careers interviews as necessary


Your tutor will help you with all issues: academic, personal, home life, school life, work life – you must make your tutor aware if you need any help.

Your tutor will be aware of your progress academically and will receive regular reports from your teachers. At formal Assessment Points you will meet with your tutor to discuss your progress and put an action plan into place as necessary.

Your tutor will be aware of your attendance level and will raise any concerns and issues with you, as well as contacting your parents if necessary.

Your tutor will receive information about your conduct and attitude from your teachers – you will be expected to discuss this with them, and they will contact your parents as necessary.


Attendance and Punctuality


Regular attendance and excellent punctuality are absolutely key to achieving your potential at this level of study.  Lateness holds up not only your own learning, but also that of other students in the class. Non-attendance affects your ability to do well in coursework, class work and examinations – every lesson is vital in preparing you for your assessments.

You are expected to abide by the following rules:

Attendance of 95% or above – this will be closely monitored and parents will be informed of any problems with your attendance.

Arrive on time to all lessons, tutorials, meetings and assemblies.

Illness or absence due to a medical reason notified on 01782 882200

Absence due to visits to Universities, Open Days and interviews for apprenticeships must be authorised by Mrs. Wilcox.

Students are expected to inform all subject staff prior to known absences, and to ensure that they catch up with work and homework missed.

In line with the holidays policy, holidays are not to be taken during term time – if you believe that exceptional circumstances apply, please write to the Mrs. Wilcox giving details.

You are not permitted to miss lessons because of paid work or driving lessons/tests.

You must attend a minimum of 540 Guided Learning Hours over the academic year in order to qualify as a full time student. Your attendance at lessons, tutorials, PSHE, enrichment and private study all count towards this total. If you fall below the threshold, your status as a full time student could be lost, which may affect household benefits including Child Benefit.


If you are going to be late it is vital that you call to notify your teacher and Form Tutor:

Email your form tutor or telephone 01782 882200 to notify staff

If you are late at any point during the day, you are expected to make this time up – during breaks, study periods or after school

If you are late more than twice for a particular subject, the Pastoral Stage System will apply (see below)

If there are any circumstances not covered by the information above, please contact Mrs. Wilcox.



Subject teachers will check the registers for any student who has missed their lesson. If the student has only missed that teacher’s lesson, the teacher will investigate and issue a departmental sanction.

If a student has been absent for the whole day, the Form Tutor will follow this up and telephone home.

Sixth Form tutors will monitor attendance on a daily basis to see if any action is necessary.

Tutors will submit weekly attendance information so that the Head of Sixth Form can closely monitor students’ attendance and punctuality.

If there is no valid reason for absence, the student moves on to the Pastoral Stage System.


Study Facilities


Students need a space to study at home which is quiet, warm and has good lighting and minimal distractions. Music can be helpful for some students, but this depends on the student. Television, social media, mobile phones etc. are intrusive and unhelpful.

It is of huge benefit for students to maximise their study time in school hours. This frees them up for more leisure time outside of school hours. Students can use the dedicated Sixth Form Study room, the LRC, departmental hubs and classrooms (by negotiation with their teachers).




In general, 15 hours per week outside of lessons will be expected. This may comprise background reading, research, homework tasks, coursework tasks. There will always be extra support for students if they require it.