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Careers & Work Experience

Work Experience

Every student will have access to impartial, independent CEIAG.

This will be complemented by a range of work and careers related activities to broaden employability skills.

Every student will participate in at least one full week of work experience in Year 12. Some students will do considerably more work experience than this, depending on their future career plans.

Students can do work experience throughout Y12 depending on their timetable, for example by doing one full morning per week.

Work experience is vital in preparing students for their future career by nurturing their employability skills.


Progression Week

All students will take part in a progression week designed to help them make successful applications to University, Higher Apprenticeships and employment with training.

There are some extremely competitive situations that young people have to face, and OSSMA Sixth Form will help to prepare them to excel in applications, selection panels, interviews and assessment centres.

We will support all students to achieve their goals – the Head of Sixth Form is experienced in guiding students through these processes, including applying to the most demanding and competitive courses and universities and the most prestigious Higher Apprenticeships.


Part Time Work

Please be aware that you are a ‘full time student’. We understand that students like (or need) to earn extra money by having a part time job, but please be wary of the following:

  • Check that your wages are fair – don’t be exploited by people paying a very low wage
  • Ensure that you are not working too many hours as this can seriously affect your work in college, especially if you are tired
  • Beware of Christmas time – employers can be extremely demanding of your time – you must prioritise your college work if you are to succeed in your studies.