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Y8-Y9 remote learning

I hope you are all well and ready for a period of online learning.  In terms of work, the next few weeks will run exactly as if you were in school. It is Week B this week.  You follow your timetable as if you were going to classrooms.  All your teachers will be setting you work in one of two ways:

1.Work set on Google Classroom.  If this is the case you will need to log on to Google Classroom and follow the instructions for that lesson.  Teachers will only expect you to complete 50mins of work per subject each day.  So if you have English for example from 9.00-9.50 on your timetable, use this time to work on the English work set.  Your teachers should be available by email during the time your lesson would have taken place if you are stuck with any work.

2.Live lessons.  These will be “live” with the teachers speaking directly to you and the class using Google Meet.  The instructions/class code needed will be published on Google Classroom in advance of the lesson.  Please be prompt so the lesson can start on time.  There will be a second member of staff watching the chat facility, so please keep all discussions professional and related to the work.  You will not be on camera for these live lessons.  The teacher may choose to appear on your screen via video camera, but more likely they will just use microphone to share their voice with you all whilst talking over a PowerPoint presentation.

You can find a timetable showing who you have Google Classroom work set (yellow) and when you have live lessons (green) below:

To use the timetable you need to look at the tabs at the bottom and find your class name.

Please refer back to the link daily.  Some teachers might change from a live lesson to a Google Classroom work based lesson if they are absent or unable to broadcast a live lesson for whatever reason.

Also look at a file called Google Classroom codes.  You can use this if you have not yet joined the Google Classroom for any of your subjects.  If you have any issues with these codes please email your normal teacher in the first instance to find out the correct code.

Any questions, big or small, please get in touch with Miss Nicholls or Mrs Walker by email.