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Academy Update 14/09/2020

Posted on: September 14, 2020

We have now completed our first full week back at the academy and I am pleased to report that things are running smoothly. The students and staff have responded magnificently to what has been asked of them. The conduct of Y7-9 students has been exemplary in spite of being taught in the same room for every lesson. Despite it being a frustrating situation I have not heard a single complaint. Similarly, the Y10 and Y11 students have now become accustomed to swapping hubs every day and are moving about within those hubs sensibly and quickly.

As you are aware the academy has put into place a number of systems and controls to mitigate risk to students and staff alike. However, as parents, you have a number of questions. “What happens if”, type enquiries. To try and help you we have created a parental FAQ document regarding COVID related issues that you can find here. We have also created a flow diagram to help with your decision making should your child show any of the symptoms of the virus, which can be viewed below.

One of the main questions that I have been asked recently is what happens if someone tests positive for the virus. In such circumstances, the academy immediately contacts Public Health England. PHE would then make a decision on what the next course of action might be. This may include isolating a class or year group. If a class or year group bubble is isolated and not attending the academy every day we have plans to immediately switch to remote learning. A new timetable would be available on the academy website for just those students in isolation, which would outline when live lessons were due to take place and when students would be expected to work through tasks set on Google Classroom. The likely isolation period would be 14 days as set out in Government guidance. Children of key workers would still be allowed to attend the academy in the event of their bubble being isolated, but they would be taught in their own bubble to prevent transmission to other year groups.

If any student or member of staff tests positive for the virus, having been in the academy, (some administrative staff are working from home) then I will inform the community of this.

This term will be a challenging one for all in our academy and we will be tested at times. I believe that together we will be resilient enough to overcome them and that the community will emerge from this stronger than ever.

Nick Brennan

Acting Principal.