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Academy Update 26/06/2020

Posted on: June 26, 2020

We have now completed our first full week with Year 10 back in the building. Student’s behaviour and attitudes have been outstanding in all their lessons and they have complied with all the social distancing measures that we have put into place. They have been great!

The final Friday of June is the traditional day in which Year 11 officially leave school, that is today. I have posted a message to all Year 11 on Facebook to update them on the situation and to remind them we are still here for them. Many Year 11 parents have asked whether this means the academy’s support ends in terms of Free School Meals or other support we have been able to offer since lockdown. The answer is no. The support continues up to at least the end of term on the 17th July, as it does for every other student in the academy.

As you will be aware tonight should have been Year 11 Leavers Prom. We are currently working hard to re-organise the prom for later on this year which will make it all the more special as we will be back together for the first time and students will be able to share how they are getting on at new sixth forms, colleges, apprenticeships and training. We want all students to remain safe so please ensure this evening they stay safe, don’t gather in groups larger than 6 and maintain good social distancing. We can’t wait to see everyone at the Prom later this year.

A few weeks ago, parents kindly completed a survey that the academy sent out. One of the key pieces of feedback you gave us was that you wanted to improve communications. In response, we explored setting up a forum on the academy website in which questions could be posted by you and then be responded to by the staff in a public setting. This would allow other parents to view the questions and answers. This is now available on our website and you can find it here:

Thank you to all parents who have responded to our most recent survey. Part of that survey asks about whether you would like a place in our summer school. We will be publishing plans for this in due course but we are still awaiting guidance from the Government regarding what we can and can’t do. This guidance will also give us some clarity on what September looks like. The current thinking would appear (but they might change their mind!) to be that every student returns full time in September. What we don’t know is what safety measures schools will be required to put into place and how that will affect the running of the academy. I very much doubt that it will be business as usual, but we will find a way to ensure that your child continues to receive the high quality of education that they deserve. I will update you as I know more.

Have a lovely weekend

Nick Brennan
Head of School.