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Posted on: March 23, 2015

Annie, is Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy’s second annual musical production. Following the success of ‘Hairspray’ in 2014, we decided to look for a production with a different feel. With a much younger cast, full of eager Year 7 pupils, we opted for the story of ‘Annie’.

The auditions took place in October and the parts were easily filled by a talented leading cast. The musical presents a different set of challenges to ‘Hairspray’ which was a dance extravaganza. This musical relies heavily on acting performance and with such a young cast there has been a lot to take on board and remember.

The students have worked tirelessly during weekend rehearsals that have been taking place since October. Both staff and students have given up their time to ensure the show was a success. The academy show is always a vehicle to show off the talents of our young people but more than that, it is an opportunity for them to learn, make mistakes, grow in confidence and aspire to achieve things they did not believe they could.

The Arts, enables students to grow and experiment with social and performance situations, helping to develop confidence and resilience for lifelong learning. The cast have also taken part in hours of community performances as a choir to build their confidence with large audiences. The backstage crew have also had the experience of taking responsibility for others safety, ensuring deadlines are met and working as part of a team to create an overall visual effect. The help of the new Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Sixth Form and our wonderful Year 11 prefects has been crucial in organising the properties and Front of House duties.

It has been a sharp learning curve for the younger performers with the average age of the cast being 13 years old. We feel very proud that the cast have developed not only as performers, but also as people.

We hope to see you at next year’s performance.

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