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Exercise Griffin Spanner

Posted on: May 16, 2018

On Tuesday 15th May, Sixty-eight children, aged 13 to 15, from five Stoke on Trent schools, including OSSMA, took on mechanical and electrical engineering tasks alongside soldiers.

The event, known as Exercise Griffin Spanner, was held at the Army’s training camp at Swynnerton in Staffordshire.

Interactive and demonstration stands brought Army engineering to life for the school children who saw the vital part that engineering plays in both combat and peacetime.

On one of the interactive stands the children took on the challenge of lock-wiring on to a Lynx helicopter, a crucial skill that ensures the Army’s helicopters are safe to fly.

The pupils also learned about the electrical and mechanical side of land-based vehicles, competing as teams to rebuild and race a go-kart in the fastest time.

A ‘robot challenge’ was another highlight of the day as the students carefully manoeuvred a robotic arm to make a cup of tea.

The day’s activities were hosted by the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers – REME and were designed to spark an interest by young people in engineering as a possible career during the Year of Engineering 2018.

REME Colonel Clare Phillips said,

“This has been a tremendous opportunity for us to show young people how the Corps of REME puts ‘the punch in the Army’s fist’.

“The REME ensures that vehicles, weapons and equipment are in perfect working order before being deployed and repaired as soon as possible when damaged on operations.

“We maintain all the Army’s equipment around the world, including helicopters, tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles and even dental hygiene kit and cooking utensils. Without this equipment the Army simply would not function.”

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