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PHSE Health and Wellbeing

Posted on: July 15, 2020

The work set for PSHE this week contains challenges. The challenges are set for students to implement the skills that they have learnt during the lockdown and implement these into the summer holidays to ensure that they stay safe, active and engaged.

Quote of the week

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change!”


Can you create your own inspirational quote to motivate you throughout the summer holidays?

Food of the week

Students are to reflect upon the foods that they have tried during the lockdown and justify whether they liked them or not.


Recipe of the week

Stir Fry

Be Mindful of your mind

Mindfulness session

Yoga session


Exercise your rights

Run 4 miles in an hour

Bike ride for 3.5miles

Create a dance/aerobic routines (minimum 1minute)

Challenge: Create an exercise plan for the summer holidays to ensure that you keep to regular daily exercise. (30mins minimum a day)