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Student Voice – Blurton Food Bank

Posted on: May 15, 2017

Our School Council recently visited our local food bank to deliver some food that they had been collecting through donations, and also, to see what goes on there. Year 8 student, Emily Deaville, wrote a story about their experience…

On Tuesday 9th May 2017, the OSSMA School Council had the privilege to visit the local food bank, which is located in the former Methodist Church on Magdalen Road Blurton. We took along our own donation of food that we have been collecting over the last few weeks from Year 10. The food bank receives food donations from the general public and, in turn, offers the food out to people who find themselves in difficult situations. This maybe, the homeless, it can be people who have a very low income or people who have been unemployed and are finding times hard.

We arrived at the church and were greeted by a man named John, who explained to us about how people donate and demonstrated how they portioned the food out that is donated. Soon after, he introduced us to a lady named Faith and they both showed us the categories of food, such as, tinned food, packet food and hygiene products and how they cleverly organize the donations into many varied crates. We then had the opportunity to help to sort out the food for ourselves. We had to read the date and write it on the top, then place it into the correct crate.

Afterwards, they showed us where all the full crates of food are kept, ready for them to be taken to the 15 distribution centres across Staffordshire, along with the van that the food is transported in. They answered all of our many queries and we were told that 30% of children in Stoke-on-Trent are living in poverty. Being a child myself makes me feel so much empathy for these other children and also make me see how privileged I am. The majority of the employees are volunteers despite having full time jobs; it really goes to show the kindness we have in our community.

We all, as a group, agreed that food banks, as great as they are, would not really be expected in such a developed country as ours, but clearly there is a very important need for them. This gave us an eye opening experience and we want to give John and Faith a massive thank you for taking time to show us around. We now have a box in the main reception, where people can donate food items, so please donate to such a great cause if you can.