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Student Voice – Id and seek!

Posted on: January 30, 2017

In January, our Sixth Form Psychology and Sociology students went on a psychological journey into London. Student, Phoebe Parkin, wrote an article about their experience…

On Wednesday 18th January, my peers and I journeyed to London to visit the Freud Museum, which was the home of Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead, is where this incredibly influential psychologist spent his final years, after escaping Vienna as a Jew, during the Second World War.

We received a tour of the three-story house by an incredibly enthusiastic tour guide, who explained a number of Freud’s fascinating theories, one of which justified why we are scared of certain things as a consequence of an attached meaning created by a memory. We then watched a number of video’s that explained the life of the famous psychologist and introduced us to his family, including one of his daughters, Anna Freud, who opened the museum in the memory of her father. She was also a well-known psychologist herself who focused on the child’s mind.

After lunch, we went onto the V&A Museum of Childhood. As a group, we learnt how the definition and meaning of the term ‘childhood’ has changed over the years. During a group discussion, images were used to illustrate how ‘childhood’ has changed in terms of gender and how it was different in ways that we now take for granted.

One of the pictures that I found quite significant showed four brothers. It was stated that statistically, only 50% of them would live past the age of 11, due to the other two dying of the same disease. Now this would come as a shock to anybody, due to the improved sanitation, education, diet and health services that we now have in current society.

The final question that we were left to consider was whether there is now a ‘childhood’ at all, due to everyone being exposed to the same things, i.e. social and other types of media. Are we actually ever protected as innocent, inexperienced individuals, from the ‘adult world’?

Once the talk was over, we had the opportunity to walk around the museum, looking at all the different toys that children have played with throughout the generations and seeing how they have vastly changed over the years!

Finally, we made it to Oxford Street, where we had time to go shopping and eat before our return journey home. We all really enjoyed our day and of course, learnt, and came to understand, much more than we did before regarding our subject choices.


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