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Update on GCSEs

Posted on: March 21, 2020

The government has now released a little more information in regards to how they intend to award GCSE grades this summer. Please follow the link to read the Question and Answer document that they have just released. It raises more questions than it answers at this stage.

However, to summarise the key points:

  • Exams have definitely been cancelled for this summer. No GCSE exam papers will be issued.
  • Exam grades will be based on a range of evidence that the academy can provide including mock grades, coursework and teacher assessment.
  • The past performance of schools will be considered. Therefore academies with a good track record of student progress should be in a strong position.
  • The prior attainment of students will be considered when awarding grades, i.e. their KS2 SATs results.
  • Colleges will accept these calculated grades as if they were GCSE examined grades.
  • Vocational awards will be issued based on evidence provided through coursework, exams already sat and non-exam assessment.
  • If students are unhappy with their grade they can appeal, or sit GCSE exams at some point in the new school year.

There are as yet no details of what specifically the exam boards will accept as evidence of the grade that the academy will award. We also do not have any information on how the exam boards will check the accuracy of the grades awarded. However, it does mean that Y11 students will still be required to continue their education at home in order to improve on the evidence bank that we can use to prove the grades we give are accurate.

We will provide more information on what that specifically looks like as the government and exam boards provide us with more information. In the meantime, Y11 students should continue to work on the tasks that the staff have set for them. By continuing their education now, OSSMA students have the opportunity to be on the front foot once they start Year 12.

We will continue to keep you updated with all the information as we receive it.

Nick Brennan
Head of School