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What’s it like being at University? Our Year 11’s find out.

Posted on: October 10, 2013

Every year a group of Year 11’s from the six towns have the chance to visit Staffordshire University and realise what it would be like to study a range of different degree subjects. This year our children were exceptional! After checking into their halls of residence the pupils listened to a detailed overview of the university and its courses, including testimonies from student ambassadors in the Octagon building lecture theatre.

Traditionally the university always sets up exciting challenges for the pupils to undertake in groups. This time our pupils had to create a superhero, complete with outfit, backstory and powers, using only newspaper, sticky tape and scissors. They then presented their hero to other schools. Following this, our pupils engaged in various team building activities learning about the student union and the opportunities it can offer. Pupils then played football, giant board games or just relaxed before the beach themed meal and disco at the student union.

The following day the pupils had the opportunity to visit the film studios and listen to a lecture on moviemaking. As a result all twenty five of the children who visited the university want to go back to Staffs for a day in front of the cameras. This exceptional opportunity was offered to our pupils as a result of their willingness and enthusiasm. Pupils then had the chance to make a record in the music studios using Mac software. Finally they visited the medical centre and were able to examine various medical instruments. After some award presentations, of which our OSSMA Year 11’s won three out of the four prizes on offer, it was time to go back to home. Next year we will return with another outstanding group of Year 11 pupils.