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Your Voice Matters

Posted on: October 31, 2016

Dear Parents, Carers,

I’m sure you’re aware that we value your views on how you think we are performing here at OSSMA. We have therefore detailed your views below, with what we hope are satisfactory responses to areas you had concerns with.

Your feedback (October 2016) has highlighted the following:

  • 100% agree that your child is happy at this academy
  • 96% agree that your child feels safe at this academy
  • 96% agree that your child makes good progress at this academy
  • 96% agree that your child is well looked after at this academy
  • 100% agree that your child is taught well at this academy
  • 85% agree that your child receives the appropriate homework at this academy


o   OSSMA operate a system called ‘show my homework’ which is a web based homework planner for your child. You can go online and check your son/daughters homework status. If you download the app you can also receive alerts informing you when your child’s homework is due etc. This is designed to help show parents what homework is being set and will help keep completion rates high. If you ever want to see the academy homework calendar please go to our website and click the link at the top of the homepage. 

  • 96% agree that the academy makes sure its pupils are well behaved
  • 66% agree that the academy deal with bullying effectively, 7% disagreed and 26% did not know

Bullying – OSSMA take the following action if an allegation of bullying is reported:

o   Act promptly to establish the facts from all parties

o   Record and report the incident; depending on how serious the case is, it may be reported to the Assistant Principal for Behaviour

o   Provide support and reassurance to the victim

o   Emphasise to the perpetrator that bullying is a serious act of misbehaviour and will always be punished.

o   Ensure that the perpetrator understands the impact of their actions – it is important that children who have harmed another, either physically or emotionally, redress their actions

o   Ensure that when a sanction is arranged, it will correlate to the seriousness of the incident

o   Consider a fixed term or permanent exclusions in cases of repeated / severe bullying

Assemblies have now been delivered to every year group re-emphasising our behaviour expectations and reporting procedures

  • 93% agree that the academy is well lead and managed
  • 100% agree that the academy responds well to any concerns you raise
  • 82% agree that you receive valuable information from the academy about your child’s progress

Progress Reports

o   From October 2016 we will be changing our academic reporting system to a web based system called ‘Go 4 Schools’ this will enable parents to monitor the academic performance, attendance and behaviour of their child constantly. Of course paper copies of your child’s performance will be available. This will help to further improve the communication between the academy and parents. 

  • 100% agree that you would recommend this academy to another parent

We take your views very seriously and cannot thank you enough for participating in the survey.

As an academy, we will continue to work at keeping you informed of what we are doing and acting on any concerns you raise.

I think overall you should be very pleased with the results of the survey and I can’t thank you enough for helping to make our academy one of which we are all proud of.

Yours sincerely


Steve Bradley

Director of Extended Services