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Detentions are used at OSSMA as they are in most secondary schools across the country. We make this clear at Open Evenings and in Home-School agreements before students join the academy. Detentions are used as a response to different issues including examples such as:

  • Failure to complete homework
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Lateness

Detentions are held after school, students cannot choose when they complete detentions. Detentions are meant to inconvenience the student and will be set when the academy is able to ensure the correct staff are available to supervise the detention.

The legal basis for the setting of detentions in English schools can be found in the 1997 Education Act:

5 Detention outside school hours lawful despite absence of parental consent

550B Detention outside school hours lawful despite absence of parental consent

(1) Where a pupil to whom this section applies is required on disciplinary grounds to spend a period of time in detention at his school after the end of any school session, his detention shall not be rendered unlawful by virtue of the absence of his parent’s consent to it if the conditions set out in subsection (3) are satisfied.

The subsequent 2006 and 2011 Education Acts also removed the legal requirement for schools and academies to give prior notice to parents regarding detentions. However, at OSSMA we believe that the safety and well being of our students is paramount so we will always endeavor to inform parents of a detention before it is served but we do not formally seek parental permission as the law does not require us to.

If a student refuses to complete a detention in an appropriate manner the academy will escalate its response. All students are expected to complete detentions in line with academy policy.