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Academy Update 10/07/2020

Posted on: July 10, 2020

It has been another interesting week in the academy and a lot of this week’s news seems to have been dominated by the History Department.

Earlier in the week, we discovered that the History Department had won the most inspirational subject competition. If you have not already seen it, you can watch the winning video here.

Also this week our history students were invited to attend an online meeting with UK Parliament streamed live from the Houses of Parliament and over 100 of our students joined the meeting! The meeting focused on outlining how our political system works and how students can get involved in politics. Students were answering questions, asking questions, making policy suggestions and at one point even suggested that our very own Mr Stanyer should be made a Life Peer! The hosts commented on how mature and intelligent our student’s ideas were; they were an absolute credit to the academy.

On Thursday the History department hosted an online session with Year 7 at Windsor Castle. In total there were 70 students who took part. We had an amazing speaker who was thoroughly engaging and the students absolutely loved it. They were told all about the history of Windsor Castle from the Motte and Bailey stage through to the development in the later years. They were given a brief tour of the gallery and some of the artwork and also shown different aspects of medieval armour and weapons which they very much enjoyed. The students asked questions throughout and were excellent in answering the questions put to them and loved being able to show off their knowledge linked to their current castles project. It was a truly excellent experience for our students.

After 16 continuous weeks, it is with great sadness that I must announce that next Friday (17th July) the daily deliveries of free school meals by Bee Active will come to an end. Unfortunately, the academy can no longer sustain this provision. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bee Active for their help in providing this fantastic service for the last four months which I hope has helped people in what have been very difficult circumstances. The Government-funded free school meal vouchers will continue over the summer. These vouchers will be paid on three occasions over the 6 week summer holiday. Each voucher has a value of £30 per student for each payment and will be paid in the same way that the vouchers are currently paid. The dates these vouchers will be paid are on the 20th July, the 31st July and 20th August to a total of £90 per student. If there are any issues please contact the academy.

I briefly mentioned in my message last week that the Government have now issued guidance regarding how schools and academies are to reopen in September. This has led to a huge amount of work going into the planning of how we are going to do this safely. I will be writing to every parent personally next week to explain how this is going to happen. The letter will be accompanied by a lengthy Frequently Asked Questions document which I hope will pre-empt a lot of your questions. One of your biggest concerns was regarding the staggered start to the academy day and how that would affect when you drop off if you had two children who started at different times. We have found a solution to this problem so you will not be inconvenienced. All the details will be sent out next week via post. We will also produce an informational video in mid-August when all the modifications have been put into place to show you what the plan looks like.

If you have signed up for summer school you will receive a text from the academy on Monday confirming your place and giving you a link to put in your child’s food order for the week. Due to the restrictions we face, all academy food will have to be pre-ordered from now on and into the next term. Please fill in this form by Wednesday if possible. Breakfast and lunch during summer school are provided free of charge by the academy.

There is still a lot of work to do and the academy will be open throughout the summer for the community. If you have any queries or concerns you can contact us.

Have a great weekend.

Nick Brennan
Head of School