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Awesome 8

Posted on: August 31, 2016

“Super 7” is now becoming the “Awesome 8”!

From Tuesday 6th September 2016, what was called the Super 7 will be changing to the Awesome 8. The original 7 items that we expect you to bring to school everyday have not changed and we will still be checking that you come equipped with these items to every lesson. These items are:





Homework Planner

Reading Book

School Bag 

We have now added an eighth item to this list which will be your Enrichment Passport.

Your Enrichment Passport will be a way of recording all of the extra-curriculum activities that you get involved in, within and around the academy and can be used to help you remember what you have achieved outside of the normal lesson times.

Your new Enrichment Passport will be issued to you on your return to the academy, along with further information on how to use it.

You will not be expected to have your Enrichment Passport on you at all times. The Enrichment Passport will be issued to you on a Thursday Morning (Tuesday for Year 10) where you will be expected to complete all the enrichment activities that you have been involved in that week. You will then need to obtain your signatures from the staff involved throughout that day. The Enrichment Passport will then be returned to your form teacher on Friday Morning (Wednesday Morning for Year 10), where it will be stored safely until the next week.