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Ofsted Report May 2013

Posted on: June 6, 2013

The Ofsted report has been issued today to parents. We are so pleased or the students, parents, staff and governors for our judgement of “Good with Outstanding features”

The new Ofsted framework expects very high standards and our judgement shows that we deliver a high quality education day in day out.

We are one of only three schools in the City that have outstanding features and OSSMA is so proud of how far it has come in less than three years.

Here are some lovely quotes from Ofsted for us all to be proud of:-

One student said:- “It’s as if the ceiling has been taken away”

“The academy successfully develops students’ enjoyment of reading”

“Most teachers are highly effective in planning lessons so that students take an active part in their learning in ways that enable them to learn at a deep level”

“In a Year 10 History lesson, students made outstanding progress as they researched issues surrounding the women’s suffrage movement”

“In a Year 10 English class, students made outstanding progress as they explored persuasive techniques”

“The marking of students work is of a consistently high quality”

“Teaching Assistants often made a strong contribution to students learning”

“Students who were disabled, or had special educational needs, made outstanding progress due to the support from teaching assistants”

“The academy is a very calm environment and students behave well around the building and in class”

“Students take a very positive attitude to their learning”

“Students say that they feel very safe in the academy”

“Students appreciate the very wide range of extra-curricular activities available before school, at lunch-times and after school. These opportunities support the positive ethos in the academy and the good relations between students and also between students and staff”

“Leadership and Management is outstanding”

“Under the outstanding leadership of the Principal, all aspects of the academy have improved since it opened”

“The leadership of teaching and learning is particularly successful”

“Academy leaders planned the use of Pupil Premium funding well. They have monitored its effectiveness closely and audited the way it has been spent against Ofsted’s report on effective use of the funding across England”

“The academy’s work with parents is highly successful”

“Students have been particularly moved by visits organised by the History Department, such as the Frist World War Battlefields in Belgium”

“Members of the Governing Body are ambitious for the academy. They have an excellent level of insight into its strengths, its areas for development and its context”

By the end of this academic year our new campus will be complete and our community can hold its head high amongst others in the City and across the UK.

Yours sincerely

M Stanyer