Parental Survey Results

Posted on: May 22, 2020

We always welcome feedback at OSSMA as we continually strive to serve our students and the community better. We recently contacted parents to get their thoughts on how we are currently performing during these unprecedented times. We would like to share the feedback from the survey and encourage parents to continue to contact us with ideas on how we can do more for our students via our website and social media.


  1. My child has been able to access online resources and materials with ease
  • 69.5% Agree or Strongly Agree


  1. My child has been able to communicate with their teachers to access support
  • 72.1% Agree or Strongly Agree


  1. The work that has been set for my child has contained an appropriate level of challenge
  • 84.8% Agree or Strongly Agree


  1. I have received clear communication from OSSMA about my child’s home learning
  • 71.7% Agree


  1. I have received clear communication from OSSMA about the academy’s response to the school closure
  • 93.5% Agree


  1. I feel confident in supporting my child in their home learning
  • 69.7% Agree or Strongly Agree


  1. I have sufficient technology and devices at home to support the home learning of my child/children
  • 79.1% Agree


  • You said, a concern is “finding out what work has been set so that I am able to check that this is being completed properly.

We have created a system whereby staff record upcoming topics of study specifically for each student and this is shared via student’s email with an accompanying message sent out to parents using the My-Ed app and text message.


  • You said, “Just to continue what they are doing in this uncertain time, I’ve found the messages and updates very helpful both via the app and on Facebook too. It may be a good suggestion that the parents are sent a list of assignments which their child has been given each week and which programme and code they need to use to access this. I understand this would be a mammoth task for the School and may not be possible. Thank you for everything you have done for not only my daughter but for all the pupils and the local community. I’m proud to say my daughter goes to OSSMA.

We could not be happier to hear feedback like this and agree with your suggestion of task completion rates. We now send feedback to students and parents on a weekly basis via student email accounts. Please login alongside your child to have a look at how they are doing with the tasks that they have been set.


  • You said, “We got things in the post when we couldn’t access the internet”.

We would like to make all parents and guardians aware that home packs of work are available to students as an alternative when there are issues accessing online work.


  • You said, “I think it would be easier if the children’s work came through for the work that was due to be done on that day, on their timetable it would make it less confusing for the child. Giving a lot of work which is due in advance can lead to confusion and unnecessary stress.

Staff are now completing a timetable of work for the week ahead that corresponds to the days that lessons would have taken place. We hope that this enables students to plan their time more easily and effectively.


  • You said, “We don’t have a printer so PDFs are a problem.

Staff are trying to use un-editable documents like pdfs as little as possible. Staff are always more than happy to accept work completed on separate paper which is submitted as a photograph from a phone or tablet and emailed to the teacher. No printing is expected at home.


  • You said, “My child sometimes struggles to home learn as she is worried”.

Our safeguarding team at the academy have been working every day through the lockdown period; regularly contacting students and parents regarding a range of new and existing concerns. Please contact the academy on 01782 882200 or via email at with any concerns relating to student stress or mental wellbeing so that we can look at ways to help students cope with this unprecedented situation.


  • You said, “The whole family are still working full time so sometimes, especially when [student] needs help, we can’t stick strictly to the timetable.

We fully appreciate the commitments of key workers throughout this time and look to accommodate all students in getting their work done with a flexible timetable. Please contact teachers via email and they will be very happy to work around existing commitments and different time frames.


  • You said, “we have a lack of knowledge of navigation on Google classroom.

Staff have created videos to help students navigate the functions better that have been shared with student groups online.


  • You said, “Maybe look at other systems ie: Microsoft Teams to do classroom-based learning together using webcams

We at OSSMA are trialling the use of online lessons with a view to expanding this to more and more students if it is successful.


  • You said, “My youngest son would benefit from more subjects being on Seneca, this would reduce the time I’m having to spend with him whilst working through each subject on his time table and in turn, I would be able to get on with my own work which I’m having to do from home too.

We have decided to invest more than £15,000 in SENECA software to further enhance our use of it and the functionality it can provide. We are very pleased that students and parents value it too!