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Student Voice – Our Day in Liverpool

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Our students recently visited Liverpool to see the fabulous sites of what has been described as “A City of Culture, Heritage & People” Year 9 students, Chloe & Emily, wrote an article about their experience…

“Back in October, we went on our first school trip of the year to Liverpool. First, we visited the Merseyside Maritime museum, which covered a range of things from the Titanic to slavery. The models of the lifeboats were really interesting and some of the silverware rescued from the Titanic wreckage was beautiful. We also had lots of fun dressing up in the fashion style of the era. As for the slavery aspect, there were many masks, weapons and other cultural necessities of the African colonies so brutally infiltrated by Europeans. There was a wall filled with people’s views against racism, and we added some of our own, including a few quotes we have been studying in English.

Next up was the Museum of Liverpool, stuffed to the brim with music, stories and the general lifestyle of Liverpool. We think everyone’s favourite part was by far the karaoke booth, where we all belted out classics from Liverpool, such as, Yellow Submarine and Whole Again. The model of Everton, where you can press buttons and various parts of the city light up, was also rather interesting. We learnt lots about Liverpudlian culture and music, and it was really enjoyable.

We learnt lots in both museums with interesting facts, such as, there were thirteen honeymooning couples on the Titanic, and only 3 of the 12 dogs on board survived the ordeal!

We then had a short walk to the dock where we got on a Merseyside Ferry. Once we had settled down and got used to the boat’s rocking, and the excessive wind, it was really nice sailing through the river and seeing some of Liverpool’s great architecture and wildlife, well, mainly seagulls! We enjoyed the boat ride a lot and all of the information relayed via the voiceover of the areas we sailed by was very fascinating.

Finally, we did some shopping in Liverpool One, and got back on the bus, where we had a quiz and chatted to our friends about the day. Overall, visiting Liverpool and its museums was a great experience and we would definitely do it again.

Chloe & Emily

Year 9

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