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The OSSMA Recovery Curriculum 2020

Posted on: July 14, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have been thinking about what a curriculum might look like for students in this next phase of Academy life.  We will be implementing for this period and into next term a “recovery curriculum” which acknowledges the potential difficulties experienced by your son/daughter whilst being forced to remain at home and away from the familiarity and security of their usual educational routine.

For some students, this loss of routine could contribute to problems in their mental health with anxiety, trauma and bereavement playing a large role. Some of our students will perhaps have experienced these aspects all at once and in a sudden and unplanned fashion which can leave them feeling vulnerable. Equally, whether we have intended to or not, children will have been exposed to adults who are anxious and unable to maintain their own normal routines, potentially affecting their own behaviours in ways that they are not used to.

We acknowledge, that students have faced a number of losses throughout the lockdown period these are friendships, routine, freedom, structure and opportunity.  These losses can generate four consequences, bereavement, trauma, anxiety and attachment.

To help us support children with this, our recovery curriculum will focus on our six key core values:


We will support students to be kind to others:


‘Manners maketh man’

What this area will help me to learn?
Kindness brings people together and during these times this is particularly important.

What this may look like?
Celebrate the successes through lockdown, for example, the high standard of online learning.

Celebrate the positives that have come from lockdown, for example, spending more time with family.

Manners Maketh Man

We will support students to become more resilient:


‘The ability to bounce back’

What this area will help me to learn?
Resilience means ‘doing well during or after an adverse event, or period of adversity’ and ‘the ability to bounce back’.  This is exactly what we want pupils at OSSMA to be able to do.

What this may look like?
Physical activity.

What we will do at OSSMA to promote resilience?

Encourage pupils to spend time with people that make them feel good about themselves.

Provide opportunities for young people to challenge themselves.

Help young people set realistic and achievable goals.

We will support students to become more empathetic:


‘Showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another’

What this area will help me to learn?
Empathy strengthens the community.  Given that the definition of empathy involves understanding another’s feelings without having experience, empathy sets students up to deepen relationships with their current classmates and people that they know outside of school.  In the current climate again this is extremely important for all of our pupils.

What this may look like?
Recovery activities within form time looking at what empathy is and why it is important.

Pupils will complete an empathy questionnaire:

Listening to others can help to build empathy.

We will support students to become the best that they can be:


‘We ask students to be the best they can be’

What this area will help me to learn?
Challenge is important for our pupils as it enables them to grow.  When something is not challenging, it is easy and this learning environment does not encourage appropriate development, in fact, it may actually lead to boredom.

What this may look like?
We will continue to expect high standards for OSSMA staff and OSSMA pupils.

Work set within lessons will be appropriately challenging for all. (Differentiation in all lessons).

We will support students to become confident learners:


‘The feeling or belief in one’s own ability’

What this will help me to learn?
Throughout lockdown students’ confidence may have been affected due to a number of reasons for example lack of connectivity with staff, friends and family.

Confidence is about feeling capable and the new challenge of online learning may have made pupils feel less capable with their learning.

What this may look like?
Classroom environments will be safe, secure and welcoming of all different types of learners and thinkers.

Teachers at OSSMA will promote independent learning.

There will be opportunities for pupils to work on their self-esteem as this will help to boost confidence.

We will support students to become enthusiastic learners:


‘Love of learning’

What this area will help me to learn?
Enthusiastic learners will be lifelong learners.

When you have students who are enthusiastic about their learning combined with staff who are enthusiastic about their teaching then students become invested in their learning.  This is extremely important as this will mean that students will take their education seriously.

What this may look like?
Happy and confident learners will be seen within the Academy.

Creative learning opportunities within the classroom to engage all pupils.

Student’s voice is collected regularly.

Students are given the opportunity to organise and lead projects.

We recognise that moving forward children may require extended support as the country continues in this journey of recovery also. This recovery curriculum will be in place supporting the learning of all our students throughout this time. As a team, our priorities are in supporting children with these six core values and the health and safety of our community.

If you have any questions around our recovery curriculum for OSSMA student’s then please contact Miss C Thompson at the Academy or email

Many thanks

Miss C Thompson

Assistant Principal