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Y11 November Update

In a “normal” school year we would have invited you into the academy by now for what we call a Parental Conference. This would be an opportunity for you to hear from Mr Brennan and Mr Smart, with the opportunity to visit the Heads of Department to learn about what effective revision looks like in their subject.  Unfortunately due the climate we are in and the rules around social distancing, we are unable to do this.

Summarised on this page are some of the key dates that would have been shared on the evening, as well as recordings made by OSSMA staff to help support your son/daughter with their revision.  I would encourage you to watch the videos for the options they study so you can see the best ways to help support from home.

Should you need to contact the academy about anything to do with Y11 please feel free to contact:

Mr Taylor (Head of Year 11) – [email protected]

Mr Smart (Vice Principal) – [email protected]

Key Y11 dates

30th Nov – 11th Dec – Mock exams (timetable can be found here)

8th Jan – Mock Results Day

20th Jan – Y11 Parents’ Evening

February – BTEC exams in Business, Engineering and Health & Social Care

31st Mar – Targeted Y11 Parents’ Evening

26th May – Start of GCSE exam window

2nd July – End of GCSE exam window

Intervention sessions

Y11 teachers hold intervention sessions after school each day to cover targeted content that certain students would benefit from going over. These sessions are bespoke and the invitations vary weekly depending on the content being covered. No pupil would be invited back if the session was not considered beneficial to their exam success.  Students receive a timetable every Friday telling them which sessions they are due to attend the following week.

These intervention sessions have run for the last three years and feedback from former students highlights just how essential they are to success in both the mocks and the actual GCSE exams.

Revision videos

Please see below for revision videos that subject teachers have recorded to aid with revision at home:










Health and Social Care